The Independent Coffee Guide ran a poll on ‘what makes a great barista’. Suggestions ranged from knowledge of coffee to technical skills, enthusiasm, creativity, and unyielding commitment to quality.

At Elite Bean Coffee we wouldn’t argue with any of those. But we rather like the offering from Jessie’s, a café and barista training school in Scotland: “A good barista is one that takes their job but not themselves seriously.”

By that definition, we think we have found the perfect barista. And since Alan Doran ticks the other boxes, too, we hope you’ll agree.
Alan is an internationally certified barista and, as he happily declares, “a self-confessed coffee nut!”

“My goal is to help everyone achieve an incredibly complex, consistent cup of coffee, every time they choose,” he says.

Alan’s love affair with the bean began in his first job, 20 years ago. And no, the job had nothing to do with coffee. “I remember preparing a French press brew for my boss using ground coffee,” he recalls. “I will never forget those wonderful aromas. I had just scratched the surface of what would become a lifelong coffee obsession.”

Alan honed his skills in four years of world travel, working in cafés, coffee shops and roasteries across many different countries. And he brought the knowledge home when he became manager of one of Dublin’s busiest city centre cafés.
One thing worried him. “I was fed up receiving inconsistent cups of coffee when returning to various cafes and bars and I started to worry that maybe this was the case for the coffee at our premises. I got to work and looked at the quality of the roast and decided to make changes. I picked a supplier who could guarantee a high-grade bag of coffee beans from a roastery adhering to the highest levels of quality control. With a wonderful team of baristas, we were able to achieve delivery of a beautiful, well rounded and consistent cup of coffee for all our customers to enjoy.”

Now Alan has brought his flair and passion to Elite Bean. He explains: “I want to share with as many coffee lovers as possible, a selection of coffee varieties from some of the most exciting and ancient coffee growing regions in the world, including Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Vietnam.”

 Elite Bean Coffee selects each coffee bean for its all-round characteristics and individual flavour. They are roasted to their optimum colour and will take your senses on a trip to the region where they were grown and harvested. 
All products from Elite Bean Coffee are available to buy both wholesale and retail, if you would like some expert advice, our barista will be happy to help you choose the best coffee for your home or business.