Origin of Coffee

Where does coffee originally come from?


What was the name of the first coffee to leave Ethiopia?

Typica es the first name given to the first coffee to leave Ethiopia, to Yemen, then Java to France, then to different parts of the world including Central and South America. The name Typica soon took the names of the places where it was planted, including Arabica. Another group, like Typica, is the Bourboun, a bigger and busier and more productive plant. Then other variation was  Bourboun, the second largest family that grew outside of Ethiopia after Typica. From the Bourboun we get the Caturra.

What is the best way of understanding types of coffees?

Take, as an example, apples. Coffee is like apples. We have the red delicious Apple. Then we have the Green Apple. Then we have the pink Apple, which is a mix of both. Each one has its distinctive taste and look. The same goes with the coffee.

What is a form of differentiating types of coffees?

One way is by looking at the plant. Measuring the nodes, the plant height and shape, fruit and seed appearance.


How long does it take for a newly-planted coffee tree seed to be able to give coffee beans?

Estimate around 2-3  years.

Did you know?

That a coffee bean does not grow twice in the same spot?

How long can a typical coffee plant produce coffee beans?

A typical coffee plant will produce coffee beans for around 20 years before being replaced, though it can live to be 100.

A landscape shot of Simien Mountains National Park in Amhara, Ethiopia - part of UNESCO World Heritage Centre