Our Coffee

Elite Bean Coffee has sourced only the best award winning coffee bean which have been very carefully and lovingly selected from many mountains around the globe, then roasted by master roasters. The result is a super-clean natural process coffee and a brew that offers an outstanding coffee, suitable for all brewing methods.  

Creating consistent, great tasting coffee is our paramount goal: The knowledge and passion of our staff working hand in hand with a leading roasting factory that is both IFS and FDA certified, one that has been in the coffee industry over the last 30+ years so our customer can rest assure that you will be getting 100% clean, fresh, high-quality pure coffee.

Our products have travelled far beyond our own city. We are also the suppliers of many coffee shops around the country and internationally.


  • Original, single origin and 100% pure coffee beans ―no mixes guaranteed
  • Exclusive selection of the finest Colombian, specialty and premium coffees
  • Expert farmers handpick the coffee one bean at a time, selecting only the finest produce for us.
  • Delivering the finest bean in the world to all our customers that include both retail and wholesale.
  • We supply and distribute coffee wholesaler and retail, including hotels, restaurants and coffee shop chains, and also many other coffee-related businesses of every size no matter how big or small to anywhere in the world.